It’s that time of year again where we make grandiose plans about all the things that we are going to change about ourselves in the new year. The most popular resolution is to get healthy. We go out on June 1st and get a gym  member ship, and plan an intense work out regiment that we will do every day. We go to the grocery store and get a bunch of healthy food to completely revamp our diet, the first week is full of optimism. That is where it gets tricky, when we don’t see immediate physical results, we become discouraged, we are so used to our society of instant gratification that the fact that we lowered our sugar intakes and went to the gym 5 times and don’t instantly look like a super model is unfathomable to us. We start to make excuses and going to the gym and eating healthy less and less and by the first of February we are on the “go home” part of the age old mantra “go hard or go home”. The sad thing is that it doesn’t have to ne this way, so here are some tips to making and maintaining that ever elusive New Year’s resolution:

  1. Do it for the Right Reasons: This is a big one, and one that many people struggle with. Sometimes it is hard to tell the difference between what we actually value and what society has told us to value. When making lifestyle changes we have to make those changes because it’s something important to us, and not because society has told us to look a certain way. This is because when we do things for ourselves we tend to be a little easier on ourselves and really appreciate the journey and the self-esteem that comes from our own determination. When we are making lifestyle changes so that some exterior factor can tell us we are beautiful, or worthy, that’s when we fail. Trying to live up to the expectations that society sets for us is unrealistic and sets you up for disappointment. Make your goal less aesthetic and more about gaining strength and feeling better, the sick body is the last part of the puzzle.
  2. Set Small Goals Along the Way: Goal setting can be really important in terms of achieving success in the long run. Make a lifting goal, or a timed running goal, make these goals relative to where your starting point is so that the finish line is in site. These small goals can help you see your progress and can be hugely motivating.
  3. Leave the negativity in 2015: This one is so simple, get rid of the negativity. Don’t keep people in your , life who aren’t contributing to your life and supporting you in any goals you may set for yourself. Sometimes when we decide to make positive changes in our lives we find that other people don’t want to be supportive of this and try to bring us down. Often times these are “friends” who try to hold us back because they are unhappy, no one needs that in their life
  4. Be Realistic: If you’ve never run a day in your life you are not gonna start running 5 miles every day. Start with walking and running when you feel comfortable, maybe that’s a lot and maybe that’s a little, it’s all about finding a balance between. When working towards a fitness goal pushing your limits is really important but first you have to find those limits so that you don’t push yourself too far. It can be really helpful to get a trainer or take a fitness class, these can make sure you’re workouts are more effective, sometimes when we try to do things completely on our own we end up wasting time doing exersizes wrong or ineffectively. When i first began working out I bought a book called “Women’s Health’s Big Book of Exersizes”, this book was extremely helpful in helping me build effective exercize regiments to target the parts of my body I wanted to work on.
  5. Another important aspect of transitioning to a healthier and more fit lifestyle is diet. In my opinion diet is the most important factor. Many people try to go from eating incredibly unhealthy to a very regimented and strict healthy diet, this is almost always a recipe for disaster. It’s all about eating foods you love in a healthier way, like avoiding added sugars, eating less processed foods, and choosing whole grains. You’re only human so you’re gonna slip up, but it’s all about recovering from failures and continuing to work towards your goal.