This is a poem from the book Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur a feminist poet with a great perspective on feminism and our world. The book itself is great, but this poem in particular spoke to me. We are all so quick to question our idea of beauty and the way that it excludes different body types and facial features, but rarely do we question the idea of beauty and validity of it’s importance to us. The body positive movement is great, but what about a brain positive movement. Instead of telling little girls that they are beautiful just the way they are we could tell them that they are smart, or funny, or talented, not because they aren’t pretty, but because we are all so much more than the physicality that we were born with. I write a lot about health and fitness and I fall into that trap of worrying too much about what I look like, however I try to approach health and fitness with actual health and fitness in mind, I work hard not to make it about an aesthetic goal and instead make it about living my best life and encouraging others to do the same. A big part of health and fitness is mental health, your feelings of self-worth and your concept of how you fit into the world, for some reason that has become intrinsically linked to our aesthetic beauty, when that is probably the least important trait we have to contribute. We have been given this great opportunity to interact with our world in a way that betters ourselves, those around us, and in turn our world, but we spend too much time pinching our belly fat and putting pounds of concealer on a tiny pimple to take advantage of all the things this world has to offer. So as women and humans we need to go out there and busy ourselves with being smart and funny and resilient, before we waste our time on something as insignificant as being beautiful.

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