#backatit #fitnessaftersickness

In the past month I have been sick three separate times. Being sick always throws me off my game. I often find it so hard to get back in my healthy routines after spending days laying on the couch struggling to drink water, I often find myself making excuses days after for why I can’t go running or get a good vinyasa in. It’s so important to get right back into your routine directly after being sick, don’t push yourself too hard, however you also have to be very aware of whether you’re being cautious or making excuses. The longer you wait the harder it’s gonna be when you get back, what you did yesterday is a better predictor of what you will do today than what you did a week ago.

I’m in one of those lulls between sickness and health where I’m deciding whether it’s irresponsible to get back to work or if I’m just making excuses out of lack of motivation. Again I encounter that issue of motivation, why is it so much easier to spend our days wasting time than being proactive… but I digress. Not every level of activity is appropriate directly following a bout of the cold or food poisoning, but there is always something you can do.  One of the many amazing things about yoga is that if you are physically capable of moving off the couch, then you can do yoga. I spent last night making great use of my toilet for various bodily functions, so yoga was a little out of the question, but tonight around 7:00 pm I began to feel a little better so I got a quick flow in and it made a world of difference. It’s all about doing what you can when you can and not making excuses to not… if that makes any sense.

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