To Read

I have always loved to read but as an adult I often struggle with finding the time and motivation. I decided to join Emma Watson’s book club Our Shared Shelf and will be reading along with them and posting about it on here. The first book on here is actually not from that book club, but absolutely should be.

  1. Milk and Honey, by Rupi Kaur is an amazing book of poems from a feminist perspective. It really speaks to me on a deep level of understanding and wonder. She starts off strong and unapologetically touching on the issues of molestation and incest in a very powerful and relatable way. I think she took a big risk here because these topics often scare people and make them uncomfortable so it had the potential to drive readers away. However I think this was an artistic choice that she made to structure her art in the way that she saw it and she didn’t censor herself out of fear of making people uncomfortable. No great work of art ever makes people comfortable. She then moved on to the traditional themes of love and loss and finding strength in both of these things. The beauty of her writing is in her perspective, she takes these classic topics of love and loss where women’s roles are often to simply play to the whims of the male lead, and empowers women. She shows us that we can be the masters of our own destinies. I can’t say enough about how beautifully strong her words are. Some poems are just a couple words but they play on every emotion I’ve ever had about being a woman and being in love and being strong. This book has taught me things about myself and helped me to see beauty in all things and experiences. I use it as a handbook for interacting with the world. I use it as a boy scout uses his swiss army knife, but I think it is far more powerful than any knife could be.